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August 23, 2009

Storage ideas

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We will need to maximize storage.

Here are some ideas:

  • MaJe’s bed flips open to access storage underneath.
  • Shelves above each desk
  • Storage under kitchen counter
  • Waterproof shelves above the flexible shower in the bathroom.
  • Cabinets above kitchen and above washer/dryer
  • Remaining wall space to be floor to upper window shelving.
  • Possible “out door” storage like a campsite that would be a place for the dog and cat to have their bathrooms and would have additional storage (e.g., winter coats, food). These storage “bins” would be portable and could be wheeled into the house when we move the house.
  • Shelves on either side of the door with stairs.
  • Storage above beds to ceiling, including customized storage for meds)
  • Special storage area over trailer tongues for oxygen concentrator, solar batteries, utilities, etc. This needs to be insulated for sound and weather, and to be ventilated to prevent equipment overheating (that oxygen generator gets hot!!)
  • To store a table, Deena’s bed would be a murphy bed with a drop down dining table.

For Food Storage, RV Full Time suggests:

I guarantee that your food storage area will become infested with flour weevils and possibly other insects as well, which, despite health regulations, are ubiquitous in grocery stores, particularly in warm winter areas. The best way to minimize the effects of the infestation are to keep all dry foodstuffs in tightly covered plastic containers, where the weevils can’t get to them. I used plastic 1/2 gallon milk jugs for this purpose, because they’re square and are therefore space efficient, and they’re lightweight and freely available, so I designed my storage drawers around them.

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