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August 30, 2009

A moveable foundation!!!

Filed under: Configuration and space ideas,Zoning and laws — by accessahut @ 11:08 am

Our brilliant friend had a great idea. Build out a semi-moveable foundation. This would be heavy (maybe cement? Maybe ???) but would be built out on 3 sides–large enough to fit the wheels of the trailer. (We could add a few mid-wheels for strength while the structure stayed there). Then put in a drywall/crawl space entrance for the 4th side. Put all the electrical, battery, water, sewage, etc. there (would we need sewage with a compost toilet?). The top would be a removable cover with struts for load–we’d have to work this out with an architect or a builder–. The connections would be in the floor of the trailer–connected so that they could be disconnected from the foundation inside the trailer.

Then when we are ready to move, just 1) disconnect the connections/fittings 2) remove the drywall 3) wheel out the trailer and 4) remove the top of the foundation and then determine if we would need a foundation in the new place.

The trailer would still be self contained, but we would have a foundation that might meet building codes…

===I googled “movable foundation” (the internet makes so many things possible–an exponential using and providing knowledge that makes Moore’s law seem pessimistic!):

Someone has a patent for a semi hinged foundation

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