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September 28, 2009

From Diana Degette’s Office

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Well, we met with Diana Degette, our House of Representatives member (and Deputy Whip). Whew! I must say I am very impressed–she is a real human being and is smart and committed to doing the right thing–and still knows that nothing is perfect. So yay!

She *gets* that the disabled are a viable community–we are the only minority that everyone has a chance of joining, after all.

While the meeting was on health care, we cornered her staff afterwards to urge them to think about federal incentives for tiny houses.

What could the Feds do?At the federal level, we could offer tax breaks, more highway dollars, more renewable energy dollars, grants for developments of tiny houses, cost share for partnerships with housing advocates

Who could the Feds work with? Nonprofits for building communities for the disabled or low income folks or for profit companies building housing developments that are low/zero carbon footprint or offgrid or even power producing).

How could Degette or congress put this in a bill?This could be part of

  • The climate bill because it would save energy, save greenhouse gases (a tiny house produces 900 pounds of waste, a 2,500 sf house produces 13 tons), create opportunities for off grid (solar or wind) powered houses.
  • The housing bill or HUD’s appropriations for grants for model communities of beautiful, accessible, maintainable, doable housing for low income or disabled folks.
  • NREL’s or the DOE’s appropriations for grants for model communities of sustainable, energy efficient/producing houses.
  • An income tax break for houses under 700 sf.
  • A federal proclamation urging cities and states to replace the 600 sf minimum with a “quality materials” minimum–thus saving everyone’s property values.


September 27, 2009

Soleman sold me….

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No noise, portable, plug and play solar. WOW. Here is the tiny house blog about it.

September 26, 2009

Remember the bit about art?

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Well, we really do want an “art” house– or more something with visual interest that we could both live with and be happy. We could walk up to the front of our tiny hut and smile.

Dragons are important to both of us in deeply personal ways. And we love the idea of stained glass and love the gutter gardens. And of course, we are both into multi media. So what if we had a dragon literally growing and glowing from our house?

Dragon on the side of the house in stained glass, potted plants, and drawing.

It is a rough photoshopped sketch, but enough to get the idea…

This would be the north side of the house (the one with the high windows) and a stained glass window to let in north light but that can also be shaded.

Pricing seems to be: Multiply the width and the height in inches and then divide by 144 for square footage, then $70 – $100 per sf. And $150 for design (so a 3′ by 4′ window would be $1400 or so…

Visions stained glass is incredible.

Tears down my face…

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This is an ingenious little house from Japan. And you would need both legs and strong arms to live in it. This is the opposite end of accessible. And I understand that access is not thought of at all when you can walk. But… this shuts so many of us out…

Gutter Gardens

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Are perfect! We could put these in above the porch so I can garden at eye level. These are REALLY accessible gardens!

Gardens made out of gutters Here are the instructions from Suzanne Forsling in Alaska.

September 25, 2009

Other tips from the wheelchair site

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These are good ideas

“An accessible home often includes larger doorways, fewer obstacles and modified bathrooms and kitchens. For wheelchair users, ramps are a must-have modification at home. This includes the consideration of entrance width (a minimum of 32-inches for a wheelchair), perhaps with swing clear, offset door hinges. Lower counter heights are also a good idea, and many consider installing a drop leaf shelf for extra workspace. Add easy to use hardware on drawers and cupboards, as well as custom made storage systems. These minor details will end up making major differences. ”

“With a roll-in stall, opt for a shower curtain or accordion-style door, as you will find most large doors will be very impractical. The floor should have a no-skid finish and a waterproofing treatment should be done on the entire bathroom floor, as roll-in showers are notorious for poorly containing water inside the stall. ”

We will need to just have the whole bathroom be the roll in shower, and slightly lower the floor–and install curtains….

From Accessible Design Brochure

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Universal design hints

This is from the Institute for Human Centered Design…

Doors–we want sliding glass ones that are a little below the surface of the floor so they are not posing a raised bump. This will cost extra–god knows how much!–but would be worth it for light and access. We could have curtains for privacy…

A shelf near the door is a good idea–we could have railings and the shelf…

I want solar lights for the porch and driveway.

A trash compactor may not be such a bad idea for such a small space.

Those folding doors under the sink would be brilliant if I could figure out how they work? I just can’t grasp a picture there…

Contrasting tiles–distinguish the floor from the walls!@! Brilliant! We would have never thought of that. AND contrast the colors of the railings!

Ensure the floor is non-glare. I think this would be for visibility…

Electrical outlets should actually be at the height of the desk, the bed, and the kitchen counter.

yeah, I can’t manage those twist on lamp thingys. Definitely switches!

Access notes

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A personal note here. We are meeting with Dianne Degette Mon 28th at 2 pm at the foyer at 6th and Grant (a make up session as the Sept 12th was not accessible.) I’m thinking of what to write, and I honestly want to propose that every single politician spend one day either in a chair or as a caregiver to someone in a chair…

Access is not that hard. HONEST. And yet and yet and yet.

September 23, 2009

I have a dream–Access a community!

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It’s that kind of day… But what if we had a somewhat large lot (say 30,000 feet). We do individual tiny houses (say 60) with a central garden and a central meeting building, which would have a large kitchen, community room, reservable larger private rooms, and an office/telecommute center. We could get 60 people out of nursing homes and other places and into their own homes, which they could maintain, with a tiny strip of grass/lawn/flowers where they could be their own gardeners.

You could probably do this for people at $300- $500 rent, which would fit a disability income budget…

Remote controlled

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Hey, if we can have moveable shelves, desk, and closet, we can make them remote controlled! So if we are really sick and in bed, we can push a button and poof–the cart (laden with an already prepared meal) comes right up to the bed….

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