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September 5, 2009

An Open Letter to LINC–and other housing advocates for the disabled

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We are trying to figure out how to build our dream house–a 200 square foot or less home that would allow us to live independantly–and outside of any care facility. You can see our ideas and links to many beautiful “tiny homes” on our website:

However, zoning and building codes are against us. In Denver, the minimum lot size is going to be 3,000 square feet and the minimum building size 600 square feet. This is well beyond what we can afford and can maintain.

Could LINC help us address these zoning and building code issues and help solve the problems you list on your website? “The housing problem itself is described by each center in nearly identical terms: “Limited options.” “Inaccessible.” “Unaffordable.” “Severe shortages.” These words appear time and again. ”

Limited options–if we could have tiny homes in every community, we could have options–from a tiny neighborhood where each person lives independantly and can get caregiver service there to living in the neighborhood that best suits their needs.

Inaccessible–a tiny house can have a track to lift and carry and can have space for a wheelchair or other accessibility needs. Since everything is close by, everything is much easier to access. Most importantly, this dream home would let us have independant lives–we can manage to keep this small of an area clean and we can manuever to desk, kitchen, bath, etc.

Unaffordable–this would provide affordable housing that people could pay for while on disability. It would cost less than $50,000 to build (even with good quality materials). It would also cost much less to maintain (with utility bills less than $50 a month–and less than that if we go solar). It is also a great deal more sustainable for our country, but that is a minor matter for us.

Severe shortages–if we allowed tiny homes to be built, then builders would be able to provide these homes more easily and cheaply. We could quickly alleviate housing shortages.

Thanks for any help you can give us…

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