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September 8, 2009

Housing really really is needed for the disabled–

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Come on, folks, tiny houses should be an option for everyone!!!! But most especially for the disabled. I can only speak for us (mobility and fatigue problems mostly) in saying that a tiny house would solve so many of our problems. But I wish someone would look into how a tiny house could help solve the needs of others with disabilities.

New York finally got some sense thanks to the Disability Advocates. HOORAY!!! Finally a judge says that yes, indeed, after well over 50 years, we really honestly did mean that mentally ill people should have a choice of living on their own. I have not asked, but I’ll bet that a lot of folks, given the choice between a 150 square foot room they never can leave in a squalid “group home” or an actual 200 square foot house that they OWN and can manage on their own would choose the latter in a heartbeat.

And this is an affordable house–with all of the amenities and a lot less of the stress of a larger place.

So come on disability advocates–first the right to live independantly and then the right to build tiny houses to let us live independantly!!!!!

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  1. Yes, we need more options and choices in housing for the disabled/elderly. Also need to make them safe and not a target for would-be thugs/vandals if these were blocked in a small community- maybe utilize fencing. lighting, location and neighborhood watch activists.

    Comment by Suzanne Fabian — September 25, 2009 @ 6:53 am |Reply

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