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September 16, 2009

From Work to Home

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Good article on workplace accommodation for arthritis from the Job Accommodation Network.

Their questions to consider can be modified to fit a home:

Questions to Consider:


1. What limitations is the employee with arthritis experiencing?

 What limitations do we have:

  • mobility
  • fine motor coordination
  • fatigue
  • lifting anything
  • reaching

2. How do these limitations affect the employee’s job performance?

How do these limitations affect our house?

  • no stairs
  • transfers in bathroom–make it easy to either use a wheelchair or to transfer
  • no cabinet doors
  • no handles (use levers)

3. What specific job tasks are problematic as a result of these limitations?

 What specific living tasks are problems?

  • Getting in and out of bed, chairs, doors, the bathroom
  • Showering (from turning on the shower to sitting to transferring from the chair)
  • Cooking (need to have things easy to reach and to turn on)

4. What accommodations are available to reduce or eliminate these problems? Are all possible resources being used to determine accommodations?

 See previous links!

5. Has the employee with arthritis been consulted regarding possible accommodations?


6. Once accommodations are in place, would it be useful to meet with the employee with arthritis to evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodations and to determine whether additional accommodations are needed?

 Yes, we need to think about future modifications and about making them easier as we construct (so as many studs as possible–and???????????)

7. Do supervisory personnel and employees need training regarding arthritis?

Do housing authorities and builders need training regarding accessibility?  Is this one of those rhetorical questions?

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