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September 20, 2009

Indoor seating things to deal with when the time comes

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Deena may need an electric wheelchair in the future.  The house needs to be workable if that happens.

Right now Deena leaves her manual wheelchair in the car.  Our current home is not at all wheelchair accessible.  Do we have her bring it in each time?  This means using some of her “walking points” for the day on walking to the back of the car, lifting her chair out and then sitting in it and wheeling up the ramp to the door.  Or do we have a special indoor/garden only chair?  This is easier for Deena in that she can walk into the house from the car and then immediately sit in her home chair and move around.  If we plan the car placement viz a vie the door, these two options will be the same walking points.  However, the added cost of an additional chair for Deena is offset by eliminating the need for her to use shoulder/back movement to get her “outside” chair out of the car.  Every time Deena moves, there is a chance a bone tumor will break or some other damage will cause her to lose her ability to move her shoulders freely.  Can yoy tell yet that I’m biased toward two chairs?  Seriously, if Deena looses her shoulders, she’s confined to an electric chair, and her ability to move around the house is greatly impaired in terms of her reaching things, opening cabinets, etc.

I need indoor (and outdoor) seating that accommodates my chest and back pain.  We want to set up my bed to be used as a recliner for me.  I also need a good way to sit at my desk.  I am finding out more about how my body works with this permanent lung scarring/damage that affects my entire torso, and my back.  Thus the earlier thoughts about zero gravity chairs.  Do I want a good chair (e.g., the zero gravity type) for inside the house, so that I can (hopefully) use it as my desk chair and as a way to hang out without always being on my bed? 

I do think we work toward getting zero gravity chairs for the two of us for our garden.  What we do for guests to sit will be about $$ as well as comfort.  Sorry friends! 😉

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