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September 28, 2009

From Diana Degette’s Office

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Well, we met with Diana Degette, our House of Representatives member (and Deputy Whip). Whew! I must say I am very impressed–she is a real human being and is smart and committed to doing the right thing–and still knows that nothing is perfect. So yay!

She *gets* that the disabled are a viable community–we are the only minority that everyone has a chance of joining, after all.

While the meeting was on health care, we cornered her staff afterwards to urge them to think about federal incentives for tiny houses.

What could the Feds do?At the federal level, we could offer tax breaks, more highway dollars, more renewable energy dollars, grants for developments of tiny houses, cost share for partnerships with housing advocates

Who could the Feds work with? Nonprofits for building communities for the disabled or low income folks or for profit companies building housing developments that are low/zero carbon footprint or offgrid or even power producing).

How could Degette or congress put this in a bill?This could be part of

  • The climate bill because it would save energy, save greenhouse gases (a tiny house produces 900 pounds of waste, a 2,500 sf house produces 13 tons), create opportunities for off grid (solar or wind) powered houses.
  • The housing bill or HUD’s appropriations for grants for model communities of beautiful, accessible, maintainable, doable housing for low income or disabled folks.
  • NREL’s or the DOE’s appropriations for grants for model communities of sustainable, energy efficient/producing houses.
  • An income tax break for houses under 700 sf.
  • A federal proclamation urging cities and states to replace the 600 sf minimum with a “quality materials” minimum–thus saving everyone’s property values.

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