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October 6, 2009

Wow, land costs!

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Boy oh boy, the land costs mount up! This looks to be about 4 times as much as the actual house. We need to bear in mind that the land costs are the same for a 25,000 square foot house as a 250 square foot house.

But we talked with CTI/Thompson and they were wonderful–quite professional and straightforward. We could do a Phase 1 environmental report for over $2,000 (which would go into the history of the plot of land and find out if there were any “nasties” like dry cleaners or gas stations or meth labs) and then if there were such a thing, we’d do a drill rig and lab samples for about twice that (over $4,000). Yikes. But consider–our health is pretty shaky as it is, so this is about the copays for 1 serious hospital bill for either of us–and yes, we are blessed to have insurance.

Anyway, these folks seemed very reasonable and nice about the whole thing. We’d also have to get a soil classification for the foundation as well–and put in vents to take care of any radon (because you can only search for that in a completed building–kinda like shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped only here it is opening the foundation after the gases have already accumulated.


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