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October 25, 2009

New directions–

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Ok. So we have now found and discarded a few options:

Mobile tumbleweed/house in Denver: Zoning restrictions and city laws basically prevent this. We are talking to council people and will go to the meetings on the new zoning code, but we are both pretty weak and can not take on a new political challenge.

Small plot of land/build stationary in Denver: The “hidden” elephant in the room for this option is the costs to prepare land: about $25,000 if the property does not have ready done taps for water and sewer (this includes the $2,000 for the first inspection round, the $4,000 for the second inspection, the $15,000 for both permits and building sewer and water, and the foundation, electric, etc. This is a low estimate, actually).

And then we figured out that no sane doctor/pt would agree to let the pair of us live alone without someone on the property who can drive and take care of us–for lots of complex reasons.

So, MaJe’s friend came across a lovely, perfect house in Denver. It is going to cost something over 3 times as much as we figured on spending when we first started this project.

There is a lot yet to figure out, but we’re excited. There will be ADA work needed, but it’s pretty minimal. It’s hard to find a house in Denver without multiple stairs. But this place has only one. We’ll need to renovate the bathroom a bit, and replace the gravel drive with concrete or some such thing. Gravel is just to unstable for Deena to walk on on good days, and impossible to move on during wheelchair days.

And we are still staying pretty true to the tiny house ideal: it will be 5 people in 900 sf place…

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