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October 26, 2009

Living Privacy fences

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I think I want something that doesn’t exist. I want raised gardens so I can sit in my chair and garden. I want plants around all of the fences for a living privacy fence. But I want to have a double row of fence, basically. The outer would be 6′ high and the inner, a foot away, would be 4′ high. Dirt would be between them, and the plants would start at the 4′ high level. Has anyone done this? How to handle drainage? floods? watering? ????

See a living privacy fence…tutorial.–not quite right as they are starting at ground level and I want to start at the 4′ level…

MaJe likes rose of sharon. and hibiscus.

“Intermediate Flowering Bushes for a Privacy Screen: Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a flowering shrub, also known as althea, that can reach a height of 8′-10′ with a spread of 4′-6′. These bushes profit from pruning. Blooms can be red, pink, blue, purple or white. Rose of sharon works well in shrub borders, because of its upright form. A row of these shrubs standing shoulder-to-shoulder forms a colorful privacy screen. Zones 5-9. For more information, please consult my plant profile on rose of sharon. ”

We are zone 5.
This tutorial does not show any drainage. How do you get “new dirt” or nutrients in?

This tutorial also does not address a long term, 4 foot high bed…but I think that using recycled plastic would be the best…

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