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December 22, 2009

Saying good bye to Kate

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We said our goodbyes a few weeks ago now–we had made the decision and could not bear to live with the sentence of departure hanging over our heads.

Kate is a special, wonderful little dog. She has been there through thick and thin. To mangle Anna Ahkmatova’s poem: three things she loved alone–sleeping on our heads, chasing and growling at passers by, and us. She hated small children, big dogs, and anything entering “her” realm. And we were moving…

to a house in a heavily trafficked area with a school across the street, dogs running up and down the alley, flocks of small dogs (they never stay still long enough for a precise count) on either side, and with the “big house” (900 sf) filled with our wonderful nieces and a massive great big dane (who towers over some horses).

And she had already been so stressed out about our last few years of illnesses and sudden disappearances into places she could not fathom (hospital corridors have never entered into her reality–and so her fears must have been horrible). Luckily, we had a friend who takes Kate when we go to the mountains, and Kate loves it over there. So much so that when we come to get her, she would not greet us and would snub us for a day or two–to let us know She was Not Pleased about leaving her “vacation home.” And so now she is on permanent vacation–making this whole move possible…

Good bye Kate. We love you and always will.

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