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February 14, 2010

Of cups and saucers

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We long ago gave up saucers, and do not miss them. Now that we have 3 china cups, my habits have changed radically. I actually remember to carry the cup from the bed to the sink, wash it, and get tea again. I have not found a 4 day old cup of tea anywhere about!

So the simplicity of life has its good sides. And already, we have more energy–I’m writing again.


February 4, 2010

Safely ensconsed

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So we are now ensconsed in a mother in law apartment at a friend’s house for the duration of the construction mess. We are in a 500 sf place, which was already over-furnished. But we have carefully determined what we need to have and places for it. It is a bit odd what we have saved:

My kaliedoscope with its 100+ wheels
Our game sets of cards and 5 tops (so much fun for kitty)
Our books
The 2 feet of clothes for me (5 work outfits, 2 sweat day outfits)
4 days of clothes for MaJe
Tea, spices, food
4 cups (we’ve lost one already–a major tragedy)
3 bowls
2 plates
our spring tulips
books (only a few!) and journals.

It is amazing how much more we are actually *using* our stuff now. We haven’t played cards for so long–and now we enjoy that. We are actually reading the books we brought–instead of looking and promising.

Of course, it also helps/hinders that our temporary digs have intermittant to no internet access…

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