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March 10, 2010

Watch for the stupid factor

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Well, we are getting estimates on what it will take to restore the house to structural integrity. As we will probably sue, we really can’t talk about specifics. However, I do want to note something here and then I will stop beating myself up.

We have a new rule in our lives. IF anyone ever does anything “stupid” (like taking apart an entire doorway to find a pocket door) they are dismissed from our lives and business arrangements right then and there. No second chances. So, to sum up:

1) Always get at least 4 bids.
2) Check them with the Better Business Bureau
3) Never trust anyone because they did a good job the last time. Things change.
4) Check to ensure they are licensed in the correct city. You can get this by calling the city directly.
5) Never pay anything ahead of time. IF needed, put it in an escrow account.

This time, we are getting 5 bids and will pay someone to do a blind assessment of the bids–even though it is such a minor amount.


March 4, 2010

Updates are rare…

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But 1) We have no internet in our temporary digs.
2) We are still figuring out what to do.

We have an engineer’s estimate of what it will take to restore structural integrity. The whole thing is a mess.

In the meantime, I did get accepted for a mobility dog–which will take about 3 years. So now, we also have to retool our space to fit in an extra wheelchair and a dog that will stand 32 inches at the shoulders. We’ll go back through the house and pace it out…

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