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June 14, 2010

Belated update

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Dorm room ideas here are pretty good. We are using a lot of them–furniture doubling as storage areas, etc.

We are still not in the house!!!

However, we have now settled the suit with the former contractor and can talk about things again. Basically, if you are disabled, you can not do a lot of the work yourself. But you also can’t even inspect the work. We had a horrible experience that just cost us about $50,000 (this includes legal fees–we settled in a way that will not recompense these expenses but will prevent us from having to deal with it any more…).

Work is now progressing–because we hired a project manager who had been in construction herself…

More later.

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  1. Thanks for keeping it going. Small spaces and being handicapped is SO important. Lawsuits (etc) are a major drain. Glad you made it through. I look forward to new posts.

    You might find some ideas in books under the titles of Nomadic Furniture and Nomadic Furniture II by James Hennessey and Victor Papanek. They have plenty of inspiration for things you’ll shape for your specific needs and situation.

    Best of Luck.


    Comment by Mike — June 14, 2010 @ 7:48 pm |Reply

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