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October 25, 2010

MaJe wanted a garden. I gave it to her.

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172 buckets. 13 pieces of styrofoam (each bucket is half-filled with styrofoam for drainage and to make it lighter and then half with dirt). 1,000 bulbs. (more or less. probably more).

And all she could say to the oxygen folks, the paramedics, the hospice nurse was “Look at my garden. 1,000 bulbs. My wife loves me. My friends love me.”


October 20, 2010

she was in her house. and she loved it.

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Please join us Friday October 22, 2010 at 6 pm at the Foothills Chapel to honor and celebrate MaJe’s life.

Crafting Memories Service
Foothills Chapel
1950 Ford St
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 279-2152

We ask that you help create a scrapbook of your memories of MaJe for Deena to hold onto. (We will have the materials to help craft these stories, but feel free to bring your own.) Also, bring a small object that reminds you of a story, joke, or memory you share with MaJe. We will have the opportunity to exchange these memories of a truly incredible woman we all so dearly loved.

A candle lighting will take place at approximately 6:45 after which we invite you to partake in the distribution of MaJe’s gifts to her friends.

Feel free to bring a non-alcoholic beverage or nosh to share.

The chapel will be closing at 8pm, but you are welcome to reconvene at the Table Mountain Inn in Golden. Deena will not be there and is not taking phone calls or responding to email at this point, however, she is grateful for the your outpouring of love and support.

Table Mountain Inn
1310 Washington Avenue
Golden, Colorado 80401
Telephone: (303) 277-9898

If you have questions or if I can be of any assistance during this painful time, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My information can be found below.

It is difficult for us to reach everyone at the moment and request your assistance in making contact with those who need to know of MaJe’s passing and of her upcoming celebration of life. Please forward this message as you see fit.

May you be comforted by the love we share for MaJe, her special influence over each of us, and by each other in these coming days.

There will also be an internet component–please contact Julianne Chatelain for details.

October 10, 2010

Life in a mystic square game

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Well… Our lives resemble that mystic square game. We have now solved some of the pieces (we put dead storage between the wall of the garage where our caretaker parks her van and the van, put lawyer files in the crawl space, this shelf here, that shelf there) and voila, room to put 50 buckets in the garage for the winter.

Why 50 buckets?? For the 500 flowers, you see.

October 8, 2010

Still moving in and loving our house

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Despite all the heartache and financial woes getting to this point, we are in the house. And we are thrilled. The short walk to the bathroom is doable. The short walk to the kitchen means we actually get up to get something to drink, or that making tea in the morning just seems to be doable. Here are some of the keys so far:

  • Light. We did put in that huge sliding glass door patio, and we can see out to what will (soon!) be a garden. and that makes a difference in the way the house feels.
  • Off-house storage. We have a storage room (about 16 feet by 6 feet) where we can keep stuff that is not absolutely vital to live in the house. I am the only one who can move about right now, but we put things at the side of the house to go in storage and a list of what needs to come in.

  • Paring down as a way of life. We are still paring down, with a “free” box out in front that we try to keep stocked with the things we really don’t need. And we are not bringing things into the house. The whole flow is out, not in.

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