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November 9, 2010

Winter bowl gardens

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These are easy to do
1) Get a few quality bulbs (you can still get some now at garden shops). The easiest are paperwhites, followed by daffodils, and then hyacinths. I have done tulips and crocuses, but these have a HIGH failure rate.
2) Put some colored stones or gravel or even fish rocks in a bowl.
3) Put some water in the bowl and put the bulbs in so that the bottom of the bulb –but no more—touches the water.
4) Put this in the fridge for at least 3 days and no more than a month.
5) Put this in a sunny window. You can check the water level every other day or so—but it is just fun to look every single day and measure the progress. The bulb becomes your child and you just giggle over the tiniest root—and ohh look it just sprouted green from the top and ohhh isn’t it cuuuuuute. Then your little kid actually flowers in a couple of months and it is just like graduating from high school—you are so proud.

I actually do “serial bowls”—prepare about 4 bowls at once and then take one out each Sunday. Then I have flowers for a couple of months.

I did an autumn crocus this year and it was incredibly lovely. I wanted MaJe to see it with her own bodily eyes, but I know she savoured it in spirit.

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