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February 19, 2011

A summary for Small House Style

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Who? My wonderful wife and I, both in wheelchairs.

What, How Big and How Much? a 350 square foot house, grandfathered in, with a 900 square foot house for our caretaker and her two kids. The two houses and lot? 150,000. The contractor woes (the first destsroyed the house, and the second declared bankruptcy), lawyer bills, and problems to make it accessible? $60,000 which should have been $15,000.

Where? In Denver, in the city limits.

Why? So we could live together in a space we could take care of ourselves–with minimal caretaking assistance.
When? We moved in September 2010. My lovely wife got to be in the house for 5 weeks before she passed away in October 2010.


February 14, 2011

The good things about a small house

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You don’t have to do much to clean up and make a difference–even putting the dishes in the dishwasher makes a huge difference.

It is easy to get to places in the house–getting up for a hot cup of tea in the middle of the night involves only a few steps on a cold floor…

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