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April 3, 2011

Looking back and looking ahead

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Well, now I have been in the house 7 months–with MaJe, only a little over a month. So almost.. half a year by myself now. And? an interim report…

The good:

  • Independance! I can get around when I am ill, when I can not walk, etc.
  • No stuff. I do have to think–do I NEED this piece of paper in my life? Do I need this gee-gaw? this cool ironing board for only 99 cents? No. And I do get free of the need to acquire things. Some organizer once said to imagine a string from every item you own to you–and you get dragged down and down from your stuff.
  • Easy to heat. I have a tiny, $16 heater which heats me just fine. My electric bills are lower–but honestly, not as low as I thought they would be.
  • Entertaining. If my mother wants to spend the night–sorry, no room. If people want to come over and spend time, sorry, no room. So we meet in a coffee shop–no clean up for me and I can leave when I want.

The bad

  • My “peer pressure” This is the first house I’ve owned–and I am in my forties (other than a mess of a property in Kansas..) but I feel silly by not having the traditional set up. This is my own “guilt” and I am usually not swayed by others…
  • Entertaining–I can squeeze about 5 people in. and that is it.

The bottom line?
Tiny houses do not save that much money. You still have about 2/3 of the
house cost (kitchen, bathroom, infrastructure).

Tiny houses are a lifestyle choice. And it can be a pretty good life..

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