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October 27, 2011

Tony died October 18

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Tony Clemens was homeless man I never knew, never gave money to, never saw.  He lived in Toronto Canada, and had a blog with a friend. I went to that blog, as well as often enough.  I was homeless in high school and college, and I still have a compulsion to view these kinds of lives.  (yes, ok, I admit it.  I keep extra food in the car, and every time I see a sign and I can stop safely, I hand out food.  But that is all I do.  It is too overwhelming an issue–on a personal and on a societal level.)

Tony died October 18, 2011.  I haven’t had the strength to look at the blogs until today. Sharing an anniversary of death, one person who was my soul and one person whom I would have never heard about without the ‘net.  And how many others share that same anniversary?

By W. S. Merwin b.

Every year without knowing it
I have passed the day
When the last fires will wave
to me
And the silence will set out
Tireless traveler
Like the beam of a lightless
Then I will no longer
Find myself in life as in a
strange garment
Surprised at the earth
And the love of one woman
And the shamelessness of men
As today writing after three
days of rain
Hearing the wren sing and the
falling cease
And bowing not knowing to

October 26, 2011

Scattered advice

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thoughts on seeing a cool little caboose.

I have a tiny house /(350 sf), an d I have a bench outside in the front and a patio/garden in back. So I can choose where to sit.

Also, think about light. You want as much light as possible. And use possessions to decorate (my clothes make a nice splash of color on the wall, my blankets are another source of color, my mugs hang in pegs in the kitchen area).

Think about zones as well.  Where do you eat? Where do you sleep? Work? Relax?

Watch yourself over the next few weeks, and note:  What makes you happy? What do you actually use? Where do you spend most of your time?

Incorporate this into floor plans!

October 25, 2011

Setting up for winter

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Well, I need to bring in my winter blankets from storage and put away the summer stuff.  I am very lucky to have off -house storage (about 100 sf.).  And I want to reconfigure my closets.

But I have not really used about 75% of what is in storage. When I get a bit more energy, I need to go out there and do some major purging.

October 18, 2011


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We had a little Bosses Day party, and the conversation got to my house, which is smaller than our conference room.  My coworkers said they would regret having to give up enough stuff to fit in a tiny house.

I have had to give up stuff.  I miss some of it–I had some lovely dresses from Japan that I gave to a local theater company–I have always loved fancy dresses.  But I never wore them, and they were a pain to take care of.  I would like to find the kimonos so I could put them on the wall–but I never did find them as we unpacked.  Sigh.

I don’t regret giving up most of my clothes–now it is so much easier to get dressed because I know which outfits I can wear.  (I tend to wear the red dress on Monday, the black and orange skirt on Tuesday, etc….)  I don’t even miss my books–as I get new books out of the library and I carefully kept the books I love.  And even some of those I am giving away.  I also sometimes just pick up a book I love at the library as well.  Lucky I never got into first editions!

Cooking stuff–I have enough to make pretty decent meals.  I have always liked cooking over a campfire, and I have my little backpacker stove outside, which makes life easier.  I still have too man little things, but I am gradually getting rid of those as well (How many post-it notes do I really need??)

Maybe I was never attached to things in the first place.  The only thing I truly miss in my life is my beloved wife.  And that regret is far far too much for words.  Oh my love.  A year ago today the unthinkable happened. And you left me. And nothing, nothing, can match those regrets.

October 15, 2011

At Occupy Denver

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I went to the Occupy Denver protest today. I could not be around the others, as I am allergic to cigarette smoke and when people bump the wheelchair, it is agony. So I stayed on the sidelines, on a sunny street in front of the capitol where people were not protesting.

Another protestor and I watched as the phalanx of police moved in and swept the area clean. When they started the tear gas, I had to move on (my lungs will not take that stuff).  I was too far away to see if anyone was hurt.

But a couple of musings…

1) Sustainability. Do people really NEED billions and millions of dollars to survive?  The small house movement is about determining what you need to be happy.  I don’t think a big house full of junk would do it–as you have to take care of all that stuff.

2) Handicaps. I live in a world that most people don’t know exists (maybe all of us do…). In my world, walking by a cigarette can land me in the hospital or can make me have a bad cough for months.  Energy is precious–I calculate how much I have and can I make it to the other corner and stay another half hour or do I need to save my energy to eat dinner and sleep. Sitting on the ground is inconceivable (I can sit, but then getting up requires a lot of help).

And yet in these protestor worlds, cigarettes are everywhere (ok ok, I counted 15 or 20 in a crowd of 400- 600).  There is energy to march and chant.  And to sit on the ground.  An arrest is an uncomfortable night in jail–not a medical death sentence. (If I don’t have this med by this time or eat this by this time…)

Different worlds.  The rich who can not live without their stuff, the protestors who have their health. And my cozy little house–with everything I need. (ok ok, I want justice for all, corporations to be criminally accountable, and world peace. But other than that!)

October 14, 2011

Why do I want a house?

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I have been trolling the boards again, looking for that magic fad of tiny houses.  It would be a great fad-getting people to live in a tiny house.

But then, New Yorkers would say this is nothing special–no one has more than about 200 sf of a tiny apartment. So why a house?

Well, it is unsustainably selfish to have a house. BUT I don’t hear every word of the upstairs neighbor’s television. My lights don’t sway in the ceiling when someone walks above me.  I can scream in pain at 4 am and no one will call the cops.

I have a garden and a lawn and a place to park the car.  Ahhh.. the American Dream.

October 13, 2011

home, car, office. Pick one.

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Sigh. As the days get shorter, the daylight hours I need disappear.  So I took advantage today and dumped everything out of my car into my nice clean house.  Now I have a clean car and a messy house.  Then when I clean the house, somehow my office at work gets worse. Then…

So, house, car , or office. Seems like only one can be truly clean at one time!

October 11, 2011


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We had had expensive floor heating put in. But of course, our contractor filed bankruptcy at the penultimate payment,and there is no way to enforce the warranty.  And the floor heating never did work.  So there went $6,000!

But I have a $45 heater that works quite well. It is a ceramic heater, and it has a timer and a remote control, so I can just snuggle in bed, get warm, turn off the heater–and then in the morning, turn it on again. This should work well.  The heater heats the entire house in about a half hour.

October 10, 2011

Disabled housing for veterans

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if you are a vet, then get this grant–enough to build a small house!

The Veterans Administration recognizes the sacrifice of veterans who became 100 % disabled during their service and has responded with a grant program designed to help.  A Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant, also known as a 2101(a) Grant, is one of three grant programs designed to help veterans with 100% service connected disabilities that include the loss or functional loss of a leg, build or adapt their home into one that fully meets their special needs.  Older veterans who have a 100% service related disability that has ultimately required them to use a wheelchair are also eligible for the grant.  To see if your disability qualifies for the grant, look here.

October 9, 2011

Remembering my love

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I put up a comment on a newlywed’s dream of a small house:–Tiny-Home-Built-for-Big-Adventure

Yes, we were only in our house for 5 weeks before my beloved died, but before that we were in a 300 sf room and before that a 800 sf apartment.  And we learned to have personal space via communicating and talking and asking for what we needed.  You can have a relationship in  a small space.

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