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October 15, 2011

At Occupy Denver

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I went to the Occupy Denver protest today. I could not be around the others, as I am allergic to cigarette smoke and when people bump the wheelchair, it is agony. So I stayed on the sidelines, on a sunny street in front of the capitol where people were not protesting.

Another protestor and I watched as the phalanx of police moved in and swept the area clean. When they started the tear gas, I had to move on (my lungs will not take that stuff).  I was too far away to see if anyone was hurt.

But a couple of musings…

1) Sustainability. Do people really NEED billions and millions of dollars to survive?  The small house movement is about determining what you need to be happy.  I don’t think a big house full of junk would do it–as you have to take care of all that stuff.

2) Handicaps. I live in a world that most people don’t know exists (maybe all of us do…). In my world, walking by a cigarette can land me in the hospital or can make me have a bad cough for months.  Energy is precious–I calculate how much I have and can I make it to the other corner and stay another half hour or do I need to save my energy to eat dinner and sleep. Sitting on the ground is inconceivable (I can sit, but then getting up requires a lot of help).

And yet in these protestor worlds, cigarettes are everywhere (ok ok, I counted 15 or 20 in a crowd of 400- 600).  There is energy to march and chant.  And to sit on the ground.  An arrest is an uncomfortable night in jail–not a medical death sentence. (If I don’t have this med by this time or eat this by this time…)

Different worlds.  The rich who can not live without their stuff, the protestors who have their health. And my cozy little house–with everything I need. (ok ok, I want justice for all, corporations to be criminally accountable, and world peace. But other than that!)


  1. Hi there, I am glad you were able to attend the “occupy” rally (even at a distance) and sorry to hear you are effected by cigarette smoke. Glad you stayed away from the tear gas.

    I wanted to let you know that fabric softener, scented products and perfumes can also make people very ill – you too may even be effected. and FYI – synthetic nicotine is sprayed on food crops now.

    One more reason to go organic and scent free – thanks for your information post

    best regards,

    Comment by priscillajudd — October 17, 2011 @ 1:11 am |Reply

  2. THanks.
    I do as much organic as I can–7th generation is my friend! I also work in a scent free building work out at Easter seals, in a scent free place. I can not go into most stores–I buy my food at scent free places or I have it delivered. Life gets fun when you have allergies!

    Comment by accessahut — October 18, 2011 @ 8:47 pm |Reply

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