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October 18, 2011


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We had a little Bosses Day party, and the conversation got to my house, which is smaller than our conference room.  My coworkers said they would regret having to give up enough stuff to fit in a tiny house.

I have had to give up stuff.  I miss some of it–I had some lovely dresses from Japan that I gave to a local theater company–I have always loved fancy dresses.  But I never wore them, and they were a pain to take care of.  I would like to find the kimonos so I could put them on the wall–but I never did find them as we unpacked.  Sigh.

I don’t regret giving up most of my clothes–now it is so much easier to get dressed because I know which outfits I can wear.  (I tend to wear the red dress on Monday, the black and orange skirt on Tuesday, etc….)  I don’t even miss my books–as I get new books out of the library and I carefully kept the books I love.  And even some of those I am giving away.  I also sometimes just pick up a book I love at the library as well.  Lucky I never got into first editions!

Cooking stuff–I have enough to make pretty decent meals.  I have always liked cooking over a campfire, and I have my little backpacker stove outside, which makes life easier.  I still have too man little things, but I am gradually getting rid of those as well (How many post-it notes do I really need??)

Maybe I was never attached to things in the first place.  The only thing I truly miss in my life is my beloved wife.  And that regret is far far too much for words.  Oh my love.  A year ago today the unthinkable happened. And you left me. And nothing, nothing, can match those regrets.

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