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November 25, 2011

Now it’s a travelogue

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While my caretaker holds down the fort, I am off to the wilds of south africa.

The sunlight is so so so worth it!!!

And what a price to pay. I dislocated my knee at DIA, then got yelled at through security at New York (I HATE NEW YORK!!!!) where they promptly dislocated my hip. Then I was left without a wheelchair and I crawled on tile for a bit. The plane to Johannesberg was ok, and some nice wheelchair attendants saw how exhausted I was and made absolutely sure I got on the right hotel shuttle. Then I collapsed and slept and then got here in Port Elizabeth around noon SA time. Spent the day setting up Marble Springs and kind of resting.

And being in the sunlight. AND GREEN green green. And there is a bird with a very clear mezzo alto voice, not sharp. I have no idea what it is, but the sound is pretty. The bed and breakfast is just great, with these old fashioned skeleton keys that actually work. And the plugs are very very odd. And the taxi drivers think nothing of driving …on the grass, through the median, around trees, and over ditches very very fast. I brought my international driver’s license, but I really truly don’t think I dare use it. And this is a small city

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