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November 28, 2011

Shacks and tiny tiny houses

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I still need to figure out my camera, but I took lots and lots of snaps on the tour today of tiny houses. And these are not a lifestyle choice. The aparheid government just went into neighborhoods in the 1960s and moved everyone out so they were in either colored, indian, black, or white areas only. They compensated the whites, but the blacks are still waiting for their money–the tour guide says his family had been forced out and had been promised payment–but they are still waiting.

The worst of the shacks are in “informal settlements” a euphemism. These are put up with anything possible and have an illegal central tap for water. Very very poor area. Pretty amazing poverty. It looked something like this.

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  1. Deena, looking out over huts built of cardboard, metal scraps, bits of lumber, pieces of plastic or whatever was available, I felt humbled to be living in a “normal” bilevel home in Centennial, Colorado, USA. Our home is 41 years old and has chronic problems of things breaking down and needing repair, but we do have hot and cold running water inside, along with electricity at the flip of a switch, a furnace that keeps us toasty during a blizzard, and many other blessings we tend to take for granted most of the time. Thanks for jogging my mind with this photo of the poverty in South Africa that is the normal life of many ordinary people there. To these folks, we would probably seem like millionaires, but of course we aren’t. It just was a shock to ponder what life in a poverty hut would be like, and I realized there are many Americans who do live in such conditions in this land of luxury. As I said, it was humbling, and thanks.

    Comment by Ray Dangel — November 30, 2011 @ 10:27 am |Reply

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