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December 5, 2011

The maids washed and folded my underwear.

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Ok now this is officially ridiculous.  I’ve told them and told them that I can clean my own room, do my dishes, etc. and they are not to come in.  So Lynn, the B&B owner came in and said I had to let them in, it was some sort of government regulation.  Fine.  I talk to them while they are here and find out about their lives–more on that in a bit.

But I cajoled a clothes stand so I could wash my own clothes. I had it out today, and it had rained  a bit. My clothes disappeared and then reappeared washed, dried, and folded.  Even my underwear. This has really gone too far.  I mean culture is culture, but dammit I can do my own laundry for heaven’s sake!

The maids are paid less than minimum wage, and they are required to come in on weekends if there are guests–with no extra pay at all, even though it is an hour walk each way. Wow.  I will not complain when I have to work weekends. Really.


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  1. Deena, someday when you pass the Pearly Gates and St. Peter invites you to have a seat while he looks over your life file, you’ll probably declare “If I wish to sit, I’ll do so. Get on with your job, Pete.”

    Comment by Ray Dangel — December 5, 2011 @ 12:35 pm |Reply

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