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December 6, 2011

Clinic horrors

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Lynn, the B&B owner, and others have complained about “Africa time”–where nothing gets done, and there is slow if no service at all lines. I put this down to an odd form of racism, and smiled politely.  However… customer service does not seem to be a priority–and that is a massive understatement.   Or maybe it is in just certain areas–most assuredly, the government does not believe in customer service!

I wandered into a public clinic on my way to the food store.  I need to get my updated Hep B shot as I am in Africa and somehow us Americans will just keel over if we don’t get that.  So I saw this clinic and thought I would ask.  And I wanted to see it. South Africa has “free” health care if you can not pay and “insurance-private” if you have insurance. This was a free clinic.  There were probably 50 -60 people huddled in the waiting room on wood slat benches in a maybe 20 foot square room–think half of a classroom size. And there were two people behind a bullet proof glass before you got to go into the waiting room.  Everyone made room for me (weird white woman with a new walker) and  I made my way up to the glass.  Then the people behind the glass proceeded to ignore me completely.  There were no sign in sheets. There were no people calling names for the next patient.  I could see how long this would take!  So, I looked my fill–and left.  Wow.

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