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December 9, 2011

I win! Sort of.

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I have been deliberately keeping a messy room, as I like to have an unmade bed and dishes out when I work. It is just one of those writer things–I work better that way.  (See, there is HOUSEWORK to do, and you certainly DO NOT want to do that, so why don’t you just finish the next ten client-side image maps instead.???)   Trust me, my best writing happens when I am under an awful deadline or moral imperative to do something else.

However, the maids and I have been in a running battle against this.  I have lost every single time. And today after I did my laundry and hung it up nicely on the ladder outside, my laundry disappeared.  They still haven’t given it back.  And they took my towels.

BUT I got to keep my messy bed and the undone dishes.  So, I win. Mostly. Damn. They are knocking again.

UPDATE: They did it again. They stole my laundry and folded it again. Neatly. Including, yes, the underwear.  Ok. ok.  I have been feeding these guys, sneaking food under the nose of the B&B owner, who does not have nor will she have this URL.  But I have to make a deal with these guys.  Take my laundry again and there will be no food. or is that too tough?


  1. Sounds ok to me Deena. Maybe B&B owner is ordering them to do these things??

    Comment by Jane — December 9, 2011 @ 8:08 pm |Reply

    • Yeah, I know. And I know coming to a different country to work on my project seems a bit silly. But still, I find I want what I want. And to blazes with what the B&B owner wants!

      Comment by accessahut — December 9, 2011 @ 11:43 pm |Reply

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