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December 10, 2011

lychees… ohhhhhh

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Ok. I should write about the fascinating and basically horrifying state of South African politics, now that I have been enlightened. I could also write about the beach, as I had a “day out” which was very wonderful.  And the car parks–they actually HIRE people–real human people to watch the lot and call the cops when a car is stolen (it takes 20 minutes for the cops to show, apparently…) and there are actual human beings running gas stations, cash registers, parking lots (only to make sure you park your car right, they don’t care if it is stolen), etc.  Weird.  Four separate people handled my fruit at the fruit and veg shop!!!

But no… the beach, the fascinating conversations  yesterday and today, count for nothing. LESS than nothing.  For it is lychee season in South Africa and I have fresh lychees.  Oh I can not tell you how wonderful these fruits are.  I know most of you have never seen one, and some of you have heard me dream on these for years. I loved them in thailand. In Thailand, they were more red and they had hairy things on the shells.  Here they are pale, but the sweet flesh is just the same.  And the taste.  I have never had ambrosia, but this must be it.

I remember when I left Thailand and flew to Poland on Aeroflot lo these many years ago now–in 1990.  Aeroflot didn’t care at all that it is illegal to transport lychees (some pest or other).  I didn’t really realize it at the time, myself.  Then I get to Poland with my treasure–and I realize that lychees only last a few days!  And I am cold cold cold.  So I go out into the market, which was literally under a bus station and the people were ready to flee at the first sign of a cop.  I spy a jacket and try to convince this woman to give it to me for an entire 5 pound bag of lychees.  She had no idea what they were.  I ate one, and my face broke into that happy dance.  She tried one. She smiled. The cops show up.  NO one moves.  I speak no polish. No one admits to speaking English (remember, the wall just fell that summer, and English tourists were not welcome.) We make the trade.  I go off in a jacket 2 sizes too small, but warm.  She shares the lychees with everyone.  (Oh, also, I had no money, because I had traded $50 into 1,000 zlotys, but by the time I got out of the airport, the inflation had increased prices, so $50 bought 3,000 zlotys and 1,000 zloyts was not even enough to get me to the hotel.  It was a bit weird to be in a place where prices trebled in an hour.  So no one used money, really.)

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