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December 13, 2011

It’s a very scary world here. It’s a very friendly world here.

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First, let me assure you I am fine.  But, I tell you, the “vibes” in this place are terrifying.  And I am in the nice part of town. Maybe that is the problem, but don’t worry, I am not about to find out!

So they had a mower going and I really didn’t want a migraine, as I am in the midst of having to actually *think* in Marble Springs. So I packed up and went for a walk around the block. The blocks here are HUGE–maybe 20 “estates” on one block.  There is no one around. Then there is a guy with a pit bull. Each house is an armed enclave of barbed wire, brick walls, etc. (Denver’s zoning code preventing fences from over 4 feet tall would NEVER EVER work here. 14 feet, maybe. But not 4.)

I remember hitching a ride with the yakuza in a small town in Japan–with a couple of  blonde gaijin.  I was scared then–especially since it wasn’t until AFTER we got the ride that I noticed the guy’s pinkie finger was missing.

I remember getting attacked and dumped in a rural road in Thailand when I took the wrong type of taxi and landed up hurt.

I remember waking up in jail in Thailand (after getting slipped a mickey and then being charged for drugs).

I remember being attacked when I taught in a tiny town in Japan that no other gaijin had ever gone to.  (And I was the one facing charges… because rape is not a crime there). And I went back the next week.

I remember the big burly West and East German cops grabbing me by the arms when I was taking pictures (that one ended well–they gave my camera to a passerby who then took our picture, handed me back the camera, and we all went on our merry ways).

Gotta tell you, I was never as scared then as I was today.  Part of it is that everything is scary when you can not walk far. But most of it was… the barbed wire. The alarm systems.  The knee-cap scoopers. The conversation I’d had with the B&B owner–their “Make My Day” laws are a bit weirder than ours–and you just basically have to make sure the “intruder” is dead before you call  the cops.  Yes, South Africa is a gun-toting nation.

But I kept going.  Then I saw this incredible maroon-magenta bougainvilla that actually made it all the way to the telephone pole.  So I went over to take a picture.  The people there were outside, in the midst of taking down an enormous fica tree (yes, ficas grow over 60 feeet tall here–and I have been SO very proud of the fica in my office that reached 2 feet tall).  So they invited me in, I admired their garden, and chatted with them.  Very nice. Very friendly.

This is a very strange place.

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  1. Deena: First feel this hug. Huuuuggggg.

    Second be aware that those who cast themselves into Hell should expect a burn now and then. Part of the excitement. Try to focus on the fun part.

    Third know that I’m glad it’s you blogging from Jberg, not me. Your posts are fascinating, but again I’m glad it’s not the other way around. Your soul has a rare sense of adventure. In a previous life you may have been Chris Columbus or Genghis Khan or . . . ? About the extent of my adventuring currently at 81 is to ask a server specifically what some weird-looking chunk is in my dinner at a new Asian eating place. I’m always relieved when he/she doesn’t tell me it’s a grasshopper or a dog ear or some such.

    Keep the stories coming, my dear. I love ’em.

    Comment by Ray Dangel — December 13, 2011 @ 9:26 am |Reply

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