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December 20, 2011

GLBTQ and Catch 22s

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I have been meeting with someone from the GLBTQ community here–to see what the political situation is.  Most folks are actually comfortable about me talking about my wife, even given the uncomfortableness of death (What do you say after half your soul is missing?).

And here, it is legal for same sex couples to marry. BUT… wait for it… remember how in the U.S. it is sometimes ok to get an RU486 pill for a “morning after” abortion–except when the hospital, pharmacy, pharmacist, insurance company, or just whomever can say, well, that is against my values, so I won’t prescribe it for you?  Yep.  Every single registrar just happens to hold very dear and precious and high religious values that preclude them.  That would be ok if it were not every single, solitary one so that you, in practice can not marry.

How nice to know we aren’t the only ones with odd Catch 22s.

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