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January 7, 2012

I can’t believe I said its freezing here.

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So i am lazying about, getting some new writing done and being in the pool at the same time. But the clouds gather, and I get out. I told Lynn, the B&B owner that I was freezing.

Then I thought… oh. It is 75 degrees F (30 C). WHAT AM I SAYING?????? Oh dear. I will have to ask A, who is picking me up, to be sure to have the coat I bought in Finland onhand.


January 1, 2012

Queue companies

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Apparently, the lines for anything in the South African government (passports, health shots, drivers licenses) take all day and longer.  So there is a company that will queue for you… hmmm… might be a business opportunity in Colorado, now that we have no more drivers license bureaus…

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