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* Floor plans

MaJe loved floor plans.  She was really excited about the house and spent hours and hours doing these jigsaw puzzles of clothes, desk, bed, kitchen, bathroom, cat toys.  I have moved the furniture in at least 6 of her configurations.  And what I have now is sort of a melding…

There are many ways we could arrange our tiny home. I like this one best, as it maximizes wall space for shelves (the brown lines). The pinks are our beds, the brown our current couch, the green MaJe’s desk, and the blue the little alcove for my desk and my grandmother’s table, which can fold out into a circle or half circle table.

The next two are L shapes, and the purple would be 2 lounge chairs that we would buy. Of ocurse, we could just have one lounge chair for MaJe–I don’t really need one.
House plan

And the last has our beds side by side at the back–which would face our patio door on that north side.

This will change as we change and develop.
But it is time that we have our “working plan”
and “preferred option.”

So here is where we are at. When this changes, we’ll just copy the old into a post and then put the new one up, so we can see our progression.

10 by 25 foot floor plan

The ramps would have railings.

The orange shelves by the door would be shelves on the “inside” and grab bars on the outside, so basically the railings would continue unbroken from the outside of the house until you are safely in the house.

The orange shelves on the wall side would be moveable. There would be shelves built into the walls as well. This provides 2 sets of shelving, so we can keep our stuff that we don’t use that often in the back one. It also allows us to move the shelves around the desk if I need to work and MaJe needs to sleep. So that works for our good days.

Both doors would have ramps and we would put some bamboo or light ceiling over them so that they did not get icey in the winter.

The side door would have a cat flap and open into an enclosed area for pets.

We could have a porch/deck so that the warm southern sun could get in in the winter, but we could then close the windows/have shaded windows so that the sun does not bake us in the summer. We might use bamboo or something light as an “awning” that could be removed seasonally.

The awning on the side would allow us to park the car without having to scrape off the ice the next morning and would let us get into the house without going through snow. (I remember once we were coming home from dinner with friends and I got so exhausted that I tripped in the snow and could not get up at all. Had MaJe not been there I would have frozen…)

The light purple would be a loft. We could use this loft for storage, and have a ladder coming from it. We could also put a bed in there so that if we absolutely had to have an able bodied someone in overnight (for an emergency) we could. We’ve had a couple of those emergency situations where either I or MaJe needed help or even just watchers overnight…. And if I go and lose half my blood ever again, we’ll need to have someone able bodied there to watch over us until my ‘crits are ok again.

We’d put the loft over the “work” part of the house and leave one bed out and our desks/lounge chair out so that would have a high ceiling. That way, MaJe could lie in bed and look at the stars from a skylight…

There would be a bay window (in red) by MaJe’s bed. This way7 she could have a lounge window seat and look out the front or turn and look out the back, so she’d have 3 views from her bed if she were housebound.

The green by the side entrance would be the utility closet for solar batteries, tankless hot water heater, and both of our oxygen generators. This would be ventilated and would have a pet door so that the cat and dog could get outside.

Hieght–14 feet total, with the loft apex at 6 feet and our ceilengs at 8 feet.

Windows–the north wall would have high windows (right under the loft) and
This would be over the work area of the house, so we could have
shelves. Then over the desk, we’d have a 3 foot to 6 foot window so we can have light as we work.
The west side would not have windows.

The south side would have windows from 3 feet to 6 feet so we can sit or stand and look out the windows.

I would like sliding doors but we have to figure out a way to make them easy to handle with my arthritis. (oh for a magic door that opened with a touch of a button!)

And we want to look into figuring out a way to have our oxygen tubes
along the walls or in the walls, so that all we have to do is plug in a 20 foot cannula and go from there. So when we go to bed, we plug our tubes into the wall and sleep and still have enough slack to get to the bathroom without tripping each other up. Or say MaJe wants to be on the porch–she goes to the door and plugs in her oxygen and can sit on the porch–yet still nip inside for a drink of water without undoing or messing up her tubing. They did this in the hospitals–it was really nice to go into a hospital room and plug into the walls.

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