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* Construction photos

Here is our first look at our house–in its compound with the big house and the garage.
Looking at houses
And this is the house in perspective, with a regular size dumpster in front.
house with dumpster

Here is the original kitchen–you open the door and it hits the cabinets. The wall is the wall to the bathroom–so it goes: kitchen/bathroom/closet along the west side.
original kitchen

So we took out the gas stove (as oxygen and gas do not mix…) and that is where we will put the refrigerator.

A place for the refrigerator after the gas stove is gone

There was an interior wall to begin with–which gave a 6 foot by 10 foot room and then a 14 foot by 10 foot room (5 feeet are taken up by the kitchen/bathroom/closet). And it housed a deadly fan. So that was the first thing to go!
No more wall!
No more wall

And this secret message will be covered by the floor-soon!
A secret message

One thing we did not change is my study. This is a wood paneled little alcove with a south window:
I love my study

The back wall (all of 15 feet wide) was ok. But we needed a large entrance for my wheelchair and we wanted to have a lot more light–which we could not get from a sky light.
original back wall

And here you can see the wall behind the chaos of taking out the bathroom door.
original wall

And so our entire back wall (well… all but 3 feet of the closet and 2 feet of a wall that will be MaJe’s desk area) becomes an open door and the place is filled with light!
A hole in the wall

You can get the perspective here:
Our holy house

This is the original bathroom. Lovely. Redone completely. And totally inaccessible. So… we have to tear out the wall (with the built in cabinets), remove the door, and extend the shower.
original bathroom
And here you can see the original shower–which is too small to sit in. And neither of us can stand up long enough to shower. And there are no grab bars.
original shower
Another view of the original shower

First we had to remove the cabinets and get to the actual shower wall
shower wall
larger view of shower wall

And we removed the bathroom sink so we could have a cabinet for the oxygen.
no more sink

This one shows the bathroom as it stands now–without the intervening wall and ready for the concrete to be jack-hammered so we can put in the tile.

And here you can see the bathroom/closet to get an idea of size.
Bathroom and closet
Another view puts the bathroom in perspective:
Our holy house

The original ceiling was all the way across the house–all of 15 feet wide and 22 feet long. It was an 8 foot ceiling, which made 6 foot tall MaJe feel cramped in.
But we still wanted some storage space, and the ceiling hid a lovely attic. We compromised, taking off half of the ceiling (on the east side–leaving the west side kitchen/bathroom/door still with an 8 foot ceiling).

So then they cut out the ceiling and had to figure out supports.
And this is what the half ceiling cut away looked like.
Half ceiling

And then here is the whole ceiling before the drywall. It would have been fun to leave it like this–but too expensive to heat!
Bare ceiling

And this is what it looks like with drywall and insulation –R40–we figured we’d spend the money up front to make sure that this stayed warm. And it is a smaller space–as the storage part is still walled off.
ceiling with drywall

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  1. I love it! The study looks really cozy. 🙂

    Comment by Laux — January 22, 2010 @ 9:44 pm |Reply

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