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December 26, 2009

Problems and solutions

access-a-hut The post below this one summarizes our journey so far. And now is a good time to think about the problems we’ve encountered–above and beyond the usual tiny home issues of planning space, getting zoning, and “dropping out” of the stuff culture to live with what we truly need–and truly cherish what we have. So here goes:

  • Lofts. Most tiny tiny houses have the bed as a loft. This makes sense, as you need more floor space and less head space to sleep. But we can’t get up to a loft. The house we ended up buying does have a nice, sturdy attic. And we do need heated storage for my macs (which play my oldest elit work). So we are cutting the attic in two, leaving part for storage and vaulting the ceiling so my tall tall love does not feel boxed in.

  • Bed space. That leaves the problem of where the beds go. Right now, it looks like they will take up about half the floor space. We are going to move in with temporary air beds (even though the contraption dumped me out last night and I couldn’t move). And then figure it out. But we have three potential floor plans (one with the beds in an L shape and two with the beds together).

  • Bathroom. We have a head start on this one–our current bathroom has no door because we had to take it off early on so I could get into it. So we are used to the idea of no bathroom door. We will have a full length shower curtain all the way around the bathroom. We are also knocking out the bathroom wall so we can have a roll in shower with a downward drain.

  • Doors. The current door is 32 inches–which gives me one inch on either side of my tiny wheelchair. (I am in a 15 inch chair–which is smaller than an adult’s, but bigger than a child’s). So we are going to solve two problems at once (maximizing light and flow through). We are knocking out 9 feeet of a 15 foot wall to give me a patio sliding glass door. This can have a lever on it that a dog can pull–so when I can’t do it, the future service dog can.

  • Oxygen compressor. The noise of that thing drives us batty from three rooms away. So we are going to build a cabinet with sound proofing andput it by MaJe’s bed. She can use the front of the cabinet to be a desk side bed (or a bed side eating tray) and the space above it we will turn into her shelves so she can reach her books and her stuff in bed.

  • Chairs and indoor access. Not sure yet. However, I am thinking: outdoor/lawn chair/wheelchair to go between the house and the car. Inside, a tiny wheeled office chair (if both of my legs are out, I can grab onto stuff and pull me along as there won’t be that much room). Then keep my regular chair in the car–parked in our gated compound. ‘

  • Litter box. Have absolutely no clue whatsoever. Maybe under the sink with a cat door?

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